Driving to work this morning, it was overcast and foggy. I listened to December '63 on Mix 107.3 FM as I followed Route 15 through Lucketts. The speed limit sign in front of the school had the red 25 illuminated, so I was a good citizen and did 25. Last thing I need is another speeding ticket.

I had been behind a tanker truck since Leesburg. It had an Olde English-style "B" printed on the back, and underneath in plain lettering:



I started wondering what sort of inedible substance the tanker was filled with. Contaminated custard? Sour milk? Ectoplasmic residue?

And why, if this stuff was inedible, was someone going through the trouble of putting it in a truck and shipping it somewhere? Why not just throw it away?

I followed the truck to Point Of Rocks, where it continued northbound on Route 15.