Dave Coulier (pronounced Dave Koo-lee-a) is probably best known for being involved with America's Funniest People and Full House. But that is most people. As a young lad I distinctly remember watching Out Of Control on Nickelodeon. This was, in my estimation, the golden era of Nickelodeon. Out Of Control was a decent show, but Dave Coulier made this show. His antics are perfect for a children show. The "Cut! It! Out!" catch phrase, described in that other writeup, was often employed here. He was also the voice of Ha-Ha, a computer that would produce jokes on a ticker tape. I loved the "Cut! It! Out!" thing still repeat it too this day. (it was me doing this in the catbox that prompted ApoxyButt's and my own writeups.)

While his acting character hasn't changed since the days of Out Of Control (he is basically the same person on Full House and America's Funniest People) he has branched out a little doing voices in cartoons. On Muppet Babies he was the voice of Animal, Bunsen, and some less frequent characters. On The Real Ghostbusters he was the voice of Peter Venkman (after the first season). Earlier in his career he did "additional voices" on both The Jetsons and Scooby And Scrappy Doo.

He has made guest appearances on numerous shows and been involved with some other less known projects.