It's been over 30 years since SCTV created the characters Bob and Doug McKenzie as a one-shot gag satirizing the "(stereo)typical Canadian", but it became a phenomenon, leading to an album which spawned a hit single with featuring Geddy Lee, a movie, and the duo being briefly reincarnated as moose in the Disney movie, Brother Bear! In April, 2009, Canadian television audiences, were reintroduced to the Brothers McKenzie, via a new animated series, sandwiched between other popular cartoons which were simulcast from the United States, such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, and King of the Hill.
I don't live in Canada, but I have seen a few episodes which were on YouTube, before Viacom yanked them off.

From the few episodes that I've seen, the new "Bob and Doug" are not your parents' "hosers". Many fans of the original sketches and movie have mixed feelings about the new show, one reason is Dave Coulier of Full House fame is now voicing Bob McKenzie as opposed to the originator of the role, Rick Moranis, who is apparently retired, in exile, or is lost and doesn't want to be found (sources vary). Fans were aware of this, I think more so, when he turned down an offer to reprise his role as a voice in Ghostbusters: The Video Game, when many of the film's original stars did.
I hate to admit it, but I kind of respect Coulier, he seems like an okay guy and he might be just "The dumb guy from Full House doing a bad Rick Moranis impression", but once you get passed that everything seems fine.

On the series, Bob and Doug live in Maple Lake, which may be more or less be the Canadian Sister City or twin town of Springfield, USA, Quahog, Rhode Island, Arlen, Texas or even South Park, Colorado. Bob and Doug work as garbage collectors in the town and hang out with their friends (yes, they have friends!). The other characters are okay, and it gives the show kind of vibe similar to the one in The Brady Bunch Movie. Every once in a while somebody states that The McKenzies "always dress like there's a blizzard or something", "wear stupid looking hats", and "say their catchphrases too much".

Much like other animated shows of this nature, there are the random pop culture references, weird sight gags, gross out scenes, and spontaneous musical numbers. One of the more unique features of the show is cutaway scenes featuring Bob and Doug on their old "Great White North" set from the SCTV days speak to the audience about what's going on the show.

Despite the criticisms, many young people seem to enjoy the show, which wouldn't surprise me since other flash animation shows from Canada such as Total Drama Island, its sequel Total Drama Action, and 6teen have aired on Cartoon Network down here in the states and are some of the most high-rated programs in the network in recent years. I have not heard if any network in the US will be picking up "Bob & Doug" any time soon, but I would love to see it on Adult Swim.

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