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1 packet beef ramen
soy sauce
rice vinegar
sesame seeds
1 packet instant miso, any flavor.

prepare ramen as instructed on packet. Add 1 teaspoon sesamae seeds to water before starting. Boil 3 minutes, stir in flavoring, etc etc. THEN... add 1-2 teaspoons of soy sayce, a dash (between half and a full teaspoon) of rice vinegar, and the miso. Boil 1 minute longer. Serve immediately.

This yields a bowl of soup that doesn't taste like ramen, doesnt taste like miso, but is tasty and foodlike. The miso adds texture to the soup so it's just not a bowl of broth, and the sesame seeds release oil as they boil to give a richer soup as well. This recipe works just as well adding only the seasonings and not the miso. Of course it's no longer miso-ramen then, just a flavored, better bowl of ramen, but hey.

Chicken Noodle Ramen

1 packet chicken ramen
1 large/2 small can(s) chicken, white meat, in WATER, not oil.
pre-ooked carrot, celery, onion, or peas

Pour water off of chicken into a measuring cup. If it's not 2 cups, top off with water. Bring to a boil and prepare ramen noodles as usual in the juice/water mixture. About a minute before the noodles are done, add the chunks of canned chicken, veggies if you want them, and the flavor packet. Boil gently for remaining minute. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

You get a pretty decent chicken noodle soup this way. Using the chicken juice gives the noodles a tasty flavor and makes them release starch, thickening the broth just a bit. The chicken and veggies, of course, makes it seem like "real food". Not bad, although it still tastes a million times better on a campout than in your own kitchen.