English: "Greetings, and well met, strangers!"
1n 1337: "<rAbIeZ> ph33r m3 d4 m4d d4wG 1z 1n t0wN w0rd"

English: "Hello, sir! I must admit, I do not know your face!"
1n 1337: "<deathNITE> y0 w04D uP dAwG wh0 dA fuX0r aR3 j00"

English: "I saw an excellent film at the cinema tonight!"
1n 1337: "<rAbIeZ> 1 5aW 1n dA wA5H 17 wA5 dA 5h17"

English: "I must disagree! I found the film to be most uncultured and base!"
1n 1337: "<deathNITE> FUXOR j00 B17CH 1 D0N7 WAN7 1AM3 5H17 1n My CH4N J00 R A FUXING a0L fUX0r!!!!!!"

English: "Kindly sir! I cannot tolerate such rude words! If you shall not retract them, then I challenge you to a duel!"
1n 1337: "<rAbIeZ> cHi11 d3wD j00 g07z PM5 0r 50m3 5h17 wHa73v34 j00 cAn7 d0 5h17 1 aM a FuX0r1ng HaX0r G0D 1 hAx0r3d whitehouse.gov & NA5A & M1cr0s0f7 1 pU7 pr0n 0n 7h3i4 fR0n7 pAg3 LOL 1ll k1Ck j00r A55"

English "Then have at you, knave!"
In 1337: "<deathNITE> @@@@@@@@kA0s 666 wAr SkRiPt FoR mIrC ARMED AND READY@@@@@@@@"

English "Gentlemen! There is no need for this. It would be a tragedy for the world to lose even one man of your caliber!"
In 1337: "<d00mZdAy> y0 d00dZ j00 wI11 bR3aK 3y3-Ar3-533 cHi11 oU7 j00r b07h 31337!!!! 50 jU57 cHI11 0u7"

English "*sighs* I suppose you are right. This conflict is meaningless. Let us be friends!"
In 1337: "<rAbIeZ> LOL j00r r1Gh7 137z 137 dA p30nZ cHa7 w/0u7 b43aK1nG d31r 53rv34z LOL wAnNa DD05 a DALN37 53rV34"

English "Indeed! Our friend is correct. I apologize for my brash actions, sir."
In 1337: "<deathNITE> LOL k"

English: "Say, can anyone point me to some gentlemanly entertainment?"
1n 1337: "<d00mZdAy> n3-1 g07 aN aDu17 cH3cK 1D 0r a pr0n 53rv3r 1 cAn 133cH??????"

English: "Well, I must retire for the evening. It was lovely conversing with all of you!"
1n 1337: "<d00mZdAy> fUx! fUx1ng pAr3n7z & th3r3 fUx1ng b3d71m3z"