The Manx language ("Gaelg" in Manx) is written with an orthography based mostly on English and a little bit on Welsh, with the result that it looks fairly ridiculous written down. Example:

"Cha jean mee cur y muc magh hoshiaght. Mannagh vel shiu laccal soie, immee shiu magh eisht, son cha jean mee cur y muc magh, son ta'n muc fetch yn argid hym as ta shiuish goaill argid voym, as cha jean mee cur y muc magh."

"I won't put the pig out first. If you won't sit down, then get out, cause I won't put the pig out, cause it gets me money and you take my money, so I won't put the pig out."

(This comes from a page with some recordings of native speakers at

If you know Scottish Gaelic (or Ulster Irish) it's not that difficult to understand; you could rewrite most of the above in Scottish Gaelic spelling as something like:

"Cha dèan mi cur a' muc 'mach thoisiachd. Ma nach bheil sibh (laccal?) suidh, imigh sibh 'mach eist, son cha dèan mi cur a' muc 'mach, son ta'n muc fetch an airgid (chugam? dhom?) is ta sibhse gabhail airgid bhuam, is cha dèan mi cur a' muc 'mach."

Of course, it would help to know English as well - note the Englishism "I won't do put the pig out" which isn't how Irish (and probably Scottish Gaelic) would say it for at least two reasons.

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