Fugazi formed in Washington DC from the ashes of two bands—Embrace and Rites of Spring.

The band consists of Ian Mackaye (vocals/guitar), Guy Picciotto (vocals/guitar), Brendan Canty (drums) and Joe Lally (bass). They released two EPs: Fugazi and Margin Walker, that were later released under the title "13 Songs" on one CD.

The same year they released "13 Songs" they recorded their first full length CD, "Repeater". Repeater would later be packaged with the single "3 Songs". "Repeater" shows a band that started nearly complete. Although Ian was still trying to shake his hardcore roots, "Styrofoam" could almost be a Minor Threat song. But it's not; the sinewy drum beat, and the jazz-like bass, along with the snaky angular guitars, will show that this is not Minor Threat, this is Fugazi.

"Steady Diet of Nothing" came out, with the band still on the path that it was taking with "Repeater". "Steady..." isn't as interesting or important as "Repeater" but it still is Fugazi.

After a few years "In On The Kill Taker" (1993) came out of some sessions with Steve Albini. That would explain why "...Kill Taker" is skinned-knee and rough. "...Kill Taker" sounds like Fugazi live, from what one can see from "Instrument". "...Kill Taker" is great, and probably my favorite Fugazi record.

In 1995, they released "Red Medicine", a great record, with sudden changes and great lyrics. Many would call it Fugazi's best, and it is probably Fugazi's most mature "band" album to date. On it they brought in some dub influences, and made some great instrumentals.

After a wait of three years Fugazi recorded "End Hits", on which they made the sound even more angular, with jagged sudden cuts between parts of the songs. Not for everyone.

In 1999, indie filmaker Jem Cohen released "Instrument", a film about many years on the road with Fugazi, featuring live material and other stuff, including a hilarious (almost painful) interview with fans outside a venue. Cohen had also filmed the making of "Red Medicine". He had designed the packaging of every Fugazi Record since "...Kill Taker". There was a companion CD with a lot of the material off the film.

In 2001 they released "The Argument", which is a very good CD, and has great selection of songs, though mostly they are quieter affairs. Along side "The Argument", they also made "The Furniture EP", which has several older live songs, and is really good.

Fugazi is still holding strong, still a great band who has a huge amount of influence among a lot of different styles of music.