Tom Morello is the guitarist for Rage Against The Machine. He is considered by some to be the best guitarist of his time. He is known for making all sorts of amusing noises come out of his guitar, largely by using effects on static. The effects he uses are as follows:

  1. Dunlop Crybaby - Wah pedal.
  2. Digitech Whammy - A few different things, but in general, its a pitch shifter.
  3. Boss DD-2 - A digital delay pedal.
  4. DOD EQ - Used for toggling between solo volume and regular volume.
  5. Ibanez Flanger - Kind of like a chorus but not really.

This is all through the effects loop of a Marshall 50-Watt JCM 900 2205 head, run into a Marshall 4x12 cab.

Tom uses several guitars. If Dr. Frankenstein was a luthier, Tom's main guitar is what might have resulted. It's a blue Strat body with a wide Rosewood neck. Two EMG humbuckers are wired to individual volume controls so he can toggle between full volume, and no volume. In addition to a Floyd Rose tremolo, the guitar is equipped with an odd custom feature: a metal pad that creates a grounding loop. Essentially, it does the same thing as unplugging the cable from the instrument, and touching it to the strings, without the nasty risk of death by electric shock.

In addition to Rage Against the Machine, Tom has also worked with Bone Thugs and Harmony, Henry Rollins, Wu Tang Clan, Jimmy Page, Puff Daddy, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Flea, Perry Farrell, Primus.

CzarKhan would like you to know that Tom went to high school with Adam Jones of Tool. Their friendship is probably responsible for the numerous collaborations between RATM and Tool (Maynard does guest vocals on Know Your Enemy).

Some information from All Music Guide, CDNOW,, and CzarKhan.

Unofficial spokeman for RATM. 1985 Harvard grad. Son of a white mother and black Kenyan father who was once affiliated with the Mau Mau guerilla fighters. When Tom's mother and father divorced, Tom moved to an all-white neighborhood in Libertyville, Ill. with his mother Mary.

Tom became interested in politics in college and once worked for Al Cranston, a well known opponent of nuclear weaponry. After witnessing the shady dealing involved with political fundraising, Tom quit and moved to California to join a band.

He met Zack de la Rocha at a mutual friend's party and soon afterwards Rage Against the Machine was born.

When he's not touring with Rage, Tom spends his free time acting, supporting labor unions and various causes, attending record release parties for Madonna and criticizing Zack de la Rocha.

Currently, he lives in that hotbed of revolutionary fervor, Bel Aire California, with his girlfriend and dog.

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