A Plea for Creativity

This is a word of advice to all those currently enrolled, or that will be enrolled in a Writing Fiction class. For the sanity of your fellow classmates, take advantage of this class and actually write fiction. Play with ideas and use your brain. This is the best opportunity you may ever have for this type of outlet.

Why the anger? The semester is nearly over and it's been a sheer and utter disappointment. Entering this class I looked forward to experimenting with some ideas bouncing around in my head. I'd taken Creative Nonfiction the semester before and was exhausted of writing about myself, my family, etc. It was time for a change. Being a business major has virtually eliminated all creative outlets, specifically those involving composition. What has the result been? We've had to workshop each other papers, so let me break down the 16 "Fiction" stories I've read so far. They can be generalized into 4 basic groups.

  • It's the 6th grade, and my best friend and I are having a fight!
  • Here's a fight my girlfriend and I had in high school, let me just rename the characters.
  • I once had this really dull job when I was 16, no wait, I mean the main character "Franchesco" did.
  • I think the captain of the football team likes me!
  • This is what I've dealt with so far. Now, I can't be condescending and claim to be a better writer than they are. I'm terrible. My grammar is all over the place (a byproduct of not having read an entire book until sophomore year of college). My verb tense has problems, I keep placing the -s on the wrong words. at least I'm trying to make the story interesting to my reader. That being said, they're writing about their own monotonaus lives and changing the names (usually, there have been instances when they used their own name though). So far my two stories have dealt with an alcoholic committing suicide and an interracial couple facing racism from the parents of the boy (the girl dies at the end). Admittedly, my stories are a bit dark, to a point of almost being laughable. Someone always dies even if it isn't necessary for the story to evolve. It's simply an attempt to try something new, so why can't they? How can there be 15 English majors, and the one business major is the only writer putting some effort in conception and not just composition. On behalf of your future or current classmates, I beg you, use some creativity!