It's been and gone, and great it was, too! Photos here, here and here; scroll down for aftermath!

Let's try again...

So, there was going to be a nodermeet. Then, briefly, there wasn't. Since my cheap flights and accommodation don't offer the possibility of a refund, I'm heading to Dublin regardless, so it's back on again. However, I don't think it'll quite count as a nodermeet if I'm the only one there, so hopefully some of you will join me.

The (rough) Plan


Friday, April 20th, 2007.


Current Plan: We'll start at Dakota (Link); as it looks easy enough for even someone as unco-ordinated as me to find. I'll aim to be there from about 6, and once we've assembled we'll see if we want to stay. Easy enough?
If you're in blarneykissers you should have my mobile number; if not and you want it, /msg me.

Other suggested venues, should you be visiting for a while (or if we move on):

  • Clarendon Cafe Bar, 32 Clarendon Str, Dublin 2: says IWSTF VERY cool, right in the heart of old Dublin, outdoor seating, allows smoking, great staff. And... if we don't like it, there are 4 other good bars very close by.
  • The Long Stone.
  • Harry Byrne's on the Howth Road in Clontarf (ReiToei's favourite pub in Dublin)
  • The Thomas House, suggested by Cool Beans as "a good pub, and just enough outside the very cenre of the city that it's quiet enough downstairs on a Friday night"

Never mind, Who?

By the power of the Google cache, you can expect some, all or none of the following to make an appearance:


If you're not attending then you don't get mentioned. If you're currently mentioned but have changed your mind, let me know and I'll alter the lists as appropriate. Want in now that I'm (vaguely) running the show? Read on...

OK, How?

Message me to be added to either of the above lists, or to be upgraded from maybe to definitely. The writeup for the previous Dublin meet contains some practical details. As I mentioned I'm not local so can't really offer advice, but various members of the blarneykissers user group should be able to help; I've gained control of that too, should you want in/out.

So, in summary...

Join me and maybe some other noders at an as-yet undecided location, if (once chosen) we can all find it, but very definitely on the 20th of April! What could be easier?


If you're London-based, make sure you go to TheLady's birthday at the end of March. In an ideal world, come to both! (But don't dare use this as an excuse to miss London. I'm in trouble for that, and you would be too.)