Durian are what the Chinese call "heaty" fruit: they're liable to give you really bad gas.

Urban legend has it that if you drink alcohol and eat more than a kilo of durian at a time (and the people who love it, LOVE it and could with effort pack that much in in a sitting), the effects of the "heatiness" in the durian could put a person in a coma.

I don't believe this, myself.

I worked for a while in a bar on the East coast of Malaysia that was frequented by backpackers and Western and Malaysian oilmen. I remember a couple of Malay guys in particular who would go out for dinner and have a big feed of durian for dessert and then come in for their cans of warm Guinness (they thought it was medicinal) and proceed to burp durian gas till the whole (open-air) place stank of them.

I occasionally had to call them a cab, but never an ambulance. Didn't stop these fellas from crowing about the razor's edge they were walking, doing durian and Guinness.

Durian are one thing I do not miss about Southeast Asia.