Book, story by W. Somerset Maugham. Larry, a well-off youth from Chicago, becomes a medic in WWI and discovers war is hell. Because of this experience, he forgoes his fortune and works as a miner, fishmonger, etc. and then seeks wisdom.

The movie starring Bill Murray is pretty good, with Murray's usual good humor tempered by the relatively serious plot, in which he tries to help an old friend with an alcohol problem.

The edge of a razor. Is that so hard to figure out?

Also, it's a synonym for being close to danger.

and, it's an album by AC/DC, featuring two of AC/DC's most famous songs of the 1990's, Thunderstruck and Money Talks.

"Razor's Edge" is the title of the third book in Dale Brown's "Dreamland" series of novels, is written by Dale Brown and Jim Defelice, and was first published in 2003.

When a number of American aircraft are shot down in the skies of Iraq, the members of the advanced weapons research facility known as Dreamland are dispatched to investigate. Fears that the Iraqis have developed a deadly laser weapon are raised when it is determined that no conventional weapon could have hit the aircraft so easily. Under direct orders from the President, the members of Dreamland must use their own experimental weapons systems to track down and destroy this new weapon, before it can cause further mayhem in the skies.

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