A series of Neverwinter Nights modules, created by Ben McJunkin, better known in NWN circles as Altaris.

The Lone Wolf series is based on Joe Dever's series of adventure / light RPG books, and the adventures are reportedly quite similar (I personally have no experience with the original books so I can't really tell). These modules are among the greatest mods made for NWN, at least according to the popular vote at Neverwinter Vault. These two mods also received the Mod of the Year 2002 award. (I didn't pick this because of the recommendations - I had my own more than obvious reasons. =)

The modules are set in the same setting as the books (World of Magnamund), and are typically more focused on roleplaying, story and a few puzzles rather than combat. You are required to play the adventures using any of the supplied Lone Wolf characters (all are of good alignment, classes tend to be combat-capable). The interesting character point is that you will pick a new "Kai discipline" (special power) at the beginning of each adventure. There's no XP rewards in the game, apart of gaining a level in the end of the adventure.

Lone Wolf Chapter 1: Test of the Sun begins as our hero Lone Wolf arrives at the Kai Monastery and becomes an initiate in the Kai Order. The first half of the mod is basically about having a good look at the area, meeting different people, doing some light quests (Ah, kill some rats in the cellar and such), doing preliminary tests, and, then, bumping onto the first big obstacle, a rather unpleasant fellow initiate called Swift Blade, who will challenge you to a couple of non-lethal but perilous duels or group challenges. The second part is the Test of the Sun, where you need to solve a few problems, the most difficult of which comes from the dark past, events that are difficult to confront but that need to be resolved.

The interesting part is that most of the things in the mod can be fixed without combat. One of the first quest is a test. You are given some books, you read them, you answer questions. Quite interesting, actually.

I do have to mention one rather interesting bug: When the Test of the Sun began, the blackout effect didn't disappear. So, I did the first part of the Test in total darkness. Test of the Sun God, indeed...

Lone Wolf 2: Mysteries in the Night starts with some drowsing and practical jokes, and continues with Lone Wolf's journey with - of all people - Swift Blade. There's beautiful sunsets, hijackery, storms, murder mysteries, screaming sobbing women, conspiracies, angry mobs, bad choices, treachery, immature people, unexpected turns of the plot, and well-balanced high adventure. Some more combat than in the first part, a little easier on puzzles.

Third part (The Circle of Three) is at the moment in beta testing but the development goes on slowly due to the author's hurries...

Overall, the mods are quite interesting and the writing in the mods is very good. If there's anything bad to say about the two modules is that apart of some side quests, the mods are very linear and there's relatively few directions the dialogue or the plot can go. That aside, the mods are, in fact, very good.