The lone hero- similar to lone wolf and anti-hero also known as lone warrior
characteristics: the lone hero is self-sufficient,
		 posseses a set of special skills,
		 exists as part of marginal society,
		 has a strong internal code,
 		 is looking for 'a quiet life doing one's  own work',

Most often immortalized in film, you can find the lone hero in his/(her) natural habitat, the post-apocalyptic wasteland. The lone hero usually presents a defiant attitude towards authority, and spend leisure time pursuing justice.Beware the badass attitude, great physical strength, as well as the occasional mental acuity the lone hero may display. Do not feed the lone hero-he/(she) may bite!

Being serious, lone heroes are both male and female, and films and shows such as Escape from L.A., Waterworld, and Xena, Warrior Princess give good examples of lone hero charachters; Snake, the Mariner, and Xena. But what's the lone hero all about? To answer this I turn to Plato (don't knock it till you've tried Plato). One of Plato's famous ideas is the Philosopher King, someone who has true philosophic knowledge, and is more involved in the world of ideas than the physical (cave). However, if this Philosopher King isn't ruling, he or she will look for 'a quiet life doing one's own work'.

The lone hero is truly a noble philosopher because he/she understands the ephemeral nature of the world, but owes nothing to the unfortunate souls trapped by the shadows of the physical world. The reason the lone hero goes around helping those in need is because despite his/her search for a quiet life, the hero's internal code of justice will not allow him/her to disregard innocents who are afflicted with injustice and tyranny.

This is what the plot of a 'lone hero' movie usually centres around- the hero is going around, drifting through the world, aloof, but is compelled to assist some group of weak people against a more powerful force. Mad Maxis a good example. But ask yourself- why does the hero, Max in this case, never join the people he has saved in their tyranny free paradise? Its simple: the lone hero, being a philosopher king has no ties to the physical world, and so can't be anchored in the present with the people he has saved.

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