Originally released in 1996, and currently released in EA Classics series, Syndicate Wars is a continuation to old classic Amiga game Syndicate.

The game is about fight between a megacorporation (Eurocorp) and a church (The Church of the New Epoch). The megacorporation has implanted emotion chips to people. These chips make people think the world is a pretty place, when in fact it isn't. Now, the church does what seems to be the ethical thing: disables these chips, for some people. People riot, in masses, under the dark sky and acid rain. Time for the player to step in...

The player controls four cyborg agents (from either faction), and controls them strategically around the area, killing offending people and making other people to behave (with Persuadertrons). Also, the agressivity and behavior of the agents can be changed by changing their drug dosage.

Improvement over the Syndicate game include added "3D terrain" - the playfield can now be rotated, no need to use the old (sometimes inconvinient) isometric view.

The game was made by Bullfrog, released by Electronic Arts.

Cyberpunk with Capital C.

BTW, if you're going to play this with a modern computer, Mo'slo or something similiar might be required! The game doesn't have a frame limiter.

(Yes, I'm now (painfully) aware of Syndicate Wars(PC) node. Don't blame me if search didn't produce any related results and I was hasty. Yet another example why namespacing stinks, big way. And wasn't the game released for other platforms too?)