Yesterday, we had a Crisis. A stressed friend of mine needed support.

Been logged here, tweaked some writeups a bit. Can't remember what.


Today's stuff: I've written a HTML tutorial for newbies (in Finnish) - still working on that, got aquaintated with HTML Tidy (does wonders to Jade-generated HTML what comes to readability), and read past three month's worth of User Friendly (also got an user account there).

Well, um, that's it. So far. I guess I need to finish that HTML tutorial someday. And I've got to make the digital media excercise too. Hmm hmm...


Took great pains to describe IMG tags. Hmm, well...


Another not-that-kewl evening. ::sigh:: Well, at least I noded about two Chick tracts, even when I thought I was completely tired of noding for some time. More energy to come!

Other day logs o' mine...

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