Hmm hmm hmm.

I printed my whole bump map documentation.

I've been writing a demo hack to see how bump mapping is actually done. The documentation, which I intend to publish later, will be detailed.

Why? Well, it's a fascinating effect, and I have never done complicated stuff like that. Plus, I suck at the math, I thought this would be interesting. Vector calculations and all that. Optimization. And I'm using OpenGL to display the results (just for bitmap display, nothing fancy, sorry =)

The document I printed:

  • 1 cover page (two minute StarOffice work)
  • 17 pages of documentation, written with LyX, typeset in LaTeX2e.
  • 18 pages of source code (two half-A4s per page; prettyprinted with a2ps)

Today, I'm going to Kuhmo again. Hmphf. That's why I printed it - I need to make silly pen markings on the code and documentation while I'm away. =)


"All right, who in the name of Hades is downvoting daylogs? Come out and face me, or flee like the coward you are!" Seriously though, I don't mind if anyone downvotes my ordinary nodes if they're bad, but daylogs should not be downvoted without a grave, often technical reason. Please /msg me if there's any big "problem" with them, rather than downvoting... I mean, are you trying to say my life sucks or something? =)

Oh, and I'll henceforth list the nodes I've updated below.


Packing. And my stomach growls...

Idea of the Day: Should make a small elisp hack to invoke DayMetaNoder from Emacs... M-x daymetanode-current-buffer? =)

And thanks to whoever brought this writeup back to 0 rep. It's much nicer to go away if I know the Bad Thing That Kept Bugging was fixed. =)

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