Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead? Has this Phenomenon Truly Ended? =) I don't know what to say...

Life is interesting...

I stink. Time for a shower...


In case I'll soon get that CD burner, I already set the mkisofs settings:

PREP=Weyfour WWWWolf <wwwwolf@iki.fi> <URL: http://www.iki.fi/wwwwolf/ >
PUBL=International Brotherhood of Banana Benders, Inc.


Looks like the university machines finally have got an update to Helix GNOME...


Noded about a few more tracts... Time for /. and K5!


OK, so read the news, read the mail, sent a long-waited mail reply to a friend of mine, and checked out the new stuff that the university workstation had.

XMMS! Grip! Gnapster! Way to go... =)

Oh yeah, a Pi Moment of the Day:

You have 3 cools left today.
You have 14 votes left today.



OK, I have some information about Why My Firewall Sucks: looks like Ethereal found three packets (SYN, RST, SYN) lying around from the corner - but nothing actually interesting that would look like a Successful Connection To Port 80. Congrats to me for a job well done, my Apache is probably pretty secure now - no one can connect to it =(


Liveice + speakfreely = cool stuff for Internet radio, call to a live program? =)

(You can freely apply that idea. You owe me nothing.)

Other day logs o' mine...

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