A few words more about Omega (the roguelike):

The version 0.80.2 was "official" for a pretty long time. I remember a thing or two about it; actually, it was the source code from which I drew my first tastes of C programming. Thus, the game has some significance to me. Not that I got it to compile with DJGPP, but...

Anyway, the game was fairly nice, save a few drawbacks:

But apart of these, the game was fairly enjoyable - at least until you grew bored to the HIGH challenge it offered. I mean, this game was hard...

Since then, some efforts have been made to improve the game.

What made it enjoyable? It was almost like Nethack in sense that The DevTeam thinks of everything. For example, the character's sexual orientation was implemented (allows bisexuality and abstaining from sex, too!), all "impossible" states of items were also named...

...bank teller has a programmed-in bug in guard alert code - "Yo mama. Core dumped." =)

What was cool was that it allowed you to play! It asked your physical and mental status, and made character based on your choices.

All in all, a great game if you can appreciate the humor

The following is the game's official "advertisement".

(ESTABLISHING SHOT) A weary ADVENTURER, wearing battered armor and 10 glowing rings, clutching a potion bottle, and laden with all manner of weapons, magical devices, and sacks of gold, lies panting on the ground outside of the seedy-looking entrance to a grimy Dungeon. The nearby scenery is uniformly grey and uninteresting.

Bluff Male Voice: Retrieved the Amulet of Yendor too many times to count?

Sultry Female Voice: Can't see anything in the Eye of Larn?

BMV: Eaten one too many Zombie corpses?

SFV: Run out of Greater Gods to kill?

CLOSE-UP: The ADVENTURER's sweat-streaked face, which is nicked and bruised. He has a black eye.

The ADVENTURER nods wearily, and, it seems, with some boredom.

MBV+SFV: Then take the ultimate challenge ... The final quest ... OMEGA!


The Mormon Tabernacle Choir: Ooooooo -- mega!

A shaft of brilliant sunlight pierces the overcast sky, revealing a Mystic Portal in the sky. A rainbow bridge lances from the portal toward the ADVENTURER. As the ADVENTURER hesitantly sets foot on the bridge, he (with the viewer) is swept through the M.P. in a masterpiece of computer animation. There is a flash of light, and a TRANSFORMED ADVENTURER, in newly polished and chromed armor, wielding a flaming sword, strides confidently toward an edifice that makes the Castle of Ultimate Darkness look like a sandcastle. The landscape is vibrantly colored, and we feel that there are new challenges awaiting just over the horizon.

TMTC: Magnificat! Magnificat! Magnificat!

BMV: Coming Soon to a site near you!

SFV: Challenge Omega -- The Final Quest!

As the ADVENTURER passes through the entrance to the AWESOME CASTLE, a giant portcullis slams shut behind him with the force of a Death Star bulkhead, and we hear a muffled scream, soon cut off.

Satanic Male Voice: If you dare! <laughs insanely>