This morning's inspiration: I took "qlaunch", a program of mine that is used to launch Quake/QuakeWorld sessions, and modified it a bit. Previously, I added Readline support for it just for the heck of it; then, Text::Abbrev support so that I wouldn't need to enter full commands... and now, I changed it to use DBI instead of "Pg" module so that the Bloody Heretics could use MySQL instead of PostgreSQL, the RDBMS God intended us to use.

Got to publish this program someday... I just wish a) I would have DRI and XFree86 4.0.x so I could play glquake, and b) people would still play the good ol' Quake. Now, it seems like aimbots-vs-aimbots war here...

I'm now bashin' through Usenet...


Watched Simpsons, Ihmisen Käsikirja and Futurama. Time to do something, hmm, more interesting.

I'm thinking of getting the "city card" they're advertising here...

OK, after this brief diversion, time to go to do the Usual Stuff - that is, /. and K5.


Wow. K5 is back at speed, it had been a bit slow recently. Nothing much interesting today, though. I hope there will be more interesting stuff next week... =(


I finally installed StarCraft to this machine and went to battle.net for the first time! I mean, I have had the game for ages, and now I finally have played it online.

It was interesting (tough, as usual, I sucked. Heavily. I think I played WarCraft II online in 1997 or 1998 or so... =) and the server was in Finland. But, hmm, the first thing the other players told me was something similiar to "u suck, go away." Welll... peelos in action... =)


I think I'll go finish that StarCraft level that I haven't played for over an year... And then to sleep. Honest. =)

Other day logs o' mine...

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