Woke up really late today... Should get to sleep earlier.

Re: yesterday's bookmark description vanishing, I can just say that I need to stop updating bookmarks until it's fixed. The Only Real Way.

The nightly builds have kewl blue skin option, too! (They call it the "modern" skin. It's a must have. Fits to my desktop colors, too.)


Any musicians listening? Someone please make a song that has "please do not feed the trolls" in the refrain. What Usenet (and all net communities, including E2) need is a good ol' protest song. =)


Whoa! Signal 11 in Kuro5hin... posting stories. I hope the "kArmA wh0re" whiner trolls don't follow... =)

I've noticed I'm actually writing stuff to K5. Sometimes even stuff that looks randomly interesting. Hmm.


So now I've submitted grand total of two Mozilla bug reports. Both are probably clueless and get tagged as WORKSFORME or INVALID - or maybe not.

I'm afraid to file bug reports for many reasons... First is that I'm often not able to reproduce the bug (in this bookmark-comment case the bug was reproduced every time everywhere, so it's clearly easy to see what's wrong!), second is that those may be duplicates, and third is that I've screwed up once BIG TIME when submitting a bug report to Debian. So there. I'm bugreport-phobic.


I bought the Pokémon: The First Movie video today. Just because a) I got a really cool Mewtwo promo card with it, and b) I was now able to see it frame by frame.

The first reason was kind of interesting... I actually kind of like the Pokémon TCG, and I actually have chance of playing it (I lost interest to Magic: the Gathering when I had no one to play it with). The usual opponent said she now has a way better deck than I do. Well, this card alone may make it a bit less better. =)

The latter reason might sound silly. But it was definitely worth it. You see, I just saw two specific frames of the movie and laughed for 10 minutes straight. Not only is Vulpix cute, but it's funny too!


Damn this crap. I'm once again Officially Pissed Off™ even when this was supposedly impossible.

  • Guess if www.cabal.net is visible in Mozilla? Nope... black text on black background. Smart? NOT!
  • I'm useless. I'm incompetent. I'm an idiot. I'm unlucky. Really.


Well, turned out better. The other bug turned out to be DUPLICATE, the other as of yet UNCONFIRMED... Just that the search didn't show them by default. Bugzilla is a fairly confusing beast. (Hey, another oxymoron. Argh, I should go to sleep. Bye!)

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