[Dream Log]


Today's wake up log: Woke up at 8 or so. Turned on TV and all that. Decided to go to the university at 9:30 or so. Closed eyes a bit. When I opened them, it was 12:30 or whatever again, way too late to do anything... =(


Headache hit me once again, too...

Well, I had a strange dream. And when I woke up, I took Mikko from the floor and hugged him once again. =)


I think I need to make coffee to shake the dream off my head... =) (In case you don't get that joke, see this. =)

Stupid Spammer Tricks, part n+10^6:

Date: 11/19/00
From: Nicole<Nicole81@mail.com&#gt;
Subject: Hi! It's me again
To: Nicole81@mail.com
X-Mailer: E-mail sender

Spammer sent stuff to "Kenny", claiming Kenny's old girlfriend has taken some n00ghti pictures of the spammer when she was drunk, and posted them as the month's "featured slut" pictures. And don't tell anyone. Right. URL had decimal ip once again. With "remove instructions".

I mean, only the most stupidest of the stupid could fall on that. The sender obviously is not a black-powder-inventor herself (himself? or would "itself" be more accurate?) since she sent mail to herself - that alone sends the credibility of the mail through the floor!... =)

Nayyy, the spam gets more and more strange every day.

Reminds me of the West Corner of the Park 04-07-1998: "Oh my God!! They spammed Kenny!!! YOU BASTARDS!!!!!" <http://www.graphxpress.com/wcotp.cgi?id=41>


Perl 5.6, at last!

Hooray, my Debian Experience® is now perfect! =)

(And Schedulist still bombs... Ah, I see, the problem is probably in the script, not in the interpreter... =)


chick.com and IIS: There's slow, and then there's slow...


Avoid noding about noding.

(I think that stuff was long enough to be noded separately...)

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