Happy bE2yrthdeayi...


The second studying period of the year started today.

Monday the 13th.

My Nokia 9110 decided to strike & riot today. AGAIN. No PDA. Nothing. (This has inspired me to think of Getting A Normal Cellphone + PalmPilot, but perharps not...) =(

My bicycle tire went flat when I was hurrying to the university. =( =(

The first course started at 8, and - you guessed it - it was titled "Principles of project work". Stuff that somehow manages to make me a bit drowsy. =( =( =(

There's a hell of a lot work (no other way to put it) involved with this period's excercises and assignments. =( =( =( =(

The rumor (our schedule) sez there's a course that started at 10 o'clock in L3. It's not in that room's schedule, however, and no one showed up anyway! Another course, however, starts there at noon, and I'm going there.


Regarding replies that some people insist on putting on the top of the message rather than to where they belong (after quoted text): If you have to whine about netiquette, you should at least try to defend your point of view thus:

"(naughty descriptive word) (Newsreader vendor) is (another, possibly naughtier word) because they haven't set up the 'followup' command to jump directly after the message, and I'm too (less naughty word) lazy to move the cursor myself! (Newsreader vendor) can (insulting description of vendor's self-destruction in three to six paragraphs)! And (even more naughty word) GNKSA can (insulting description of sexual activity that's probably banned in puritan-ruled areas), because they haven't made that a requirement! And Microsoft can (the highest imaginable insult imaginable to the sayer)(', Even if they didn't make this program.' if the user is using something other than OE.)"

(I wrote that for rec.games.roguelike.nethack.)


OK, I'll comment briefly of what happened in weekend...

In Kuhmo, I fixed the old machine of mine - well, Win95 still hangs when used, but I fixed that...

...by installing Debian 2.1. =)

I also bashed through a lot of stuff in the UML book and stuff.

Other day logs o' mine...

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