Today's great programming environment lecture: the local Unix guru told us about the wonders of X Windowing System, and summarized the lecture by saying that X Programming Is Fun - kids, that's true. =)

Publicity for Debian, GTK+ and GNOME, too.

I'm still feeling bad after I missed the X-Files episode a week ago. =(

Today... not much shall be happening, one more lecture about user interfaces at 14:00. I need to finish my First Great GTK+ Application later today. It shall be... glorious.


I resent my CVS import request to SourceForge.

(I asked them to import the tree, and they sent me instructions on how to send a request that's exactly like the request I sent. I resisted the temptation to ask them to a) check their clocks, and b) open-source the ESP and time machine technologies. =)

I changed the desktop theme (I've been using my own WolfDesktop for some time). Now, I have a solid indigo background and one of the interlaced titlebar styles. Those are Way Cool. =)


Separated YiffCam from the website. Also noticed that the Perl upgrade had done Not That Funny Things...

E2 seems to be Really Slow now.


-3? Hey hey HEY. I have an excuse. I didn't node today that much because E2 was down...


"You appear to be preoccupied, gentlemen. Thanks to the cooperation of the UN forces, we have taken over all of your bases. Your ship, too, shall soon be destroyed."

(They say that's how the immortal quote should have been translated...)


(OK, what's the major malfunction?)

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: Idealab Finalta Fourtalk

Updated: undef (yeah, I was sleepy last night so logic was sort of backwards in some cases. Figures, huh? =)