The PC conversion of FTL's Dungeon Master was pretty well done. (Made by Interplay and Psygnosis, I believe - must check this one later). The graphics were supported all the way up to VGA and music was supported up to AdLib, so we SoundBlaster owners could appreciate Pretty Decent Music and Sound Effects. (I later tried Dungeon Master's Amiga version - did that one even have menu music, or was the emulator buggy?) The game fitted nicely on one 1440k floppy.

There were quirks, though. The game settings were never saved; the game dutifully presented a simple character-based menu when game started, asking the graphics / sound card / mouse types.

Also, at least in my case, the game had to be installed on hard disk, if you wanted to save the game. Floppy save support didn't work as intended (I think; There was something fishy here that I need to check.)

Also, they left in one of the annoying thing from the Old Versions: the pause command blanked the whole screen and put "GAME FREEZED" in the middle... What's wrong with leaving the game picture to the screen?

That's that for the technical stuff. Anything else wrong? Yes, in fact...

The manual spun a heroic tale about the Background for Dungeon Bashing; After that, the manual told how the game is played.

"To begin your adventure, remove the game disk from the box."

(No, I assure you, this game actually does require approximately IQ >15 to play. You know, those who don't code, write manuals, and all that.)

Also, the package had something saying that unauthorized broadcasting of the game was illegal. (Bet it's illegal to play this game on oil rigs too!)

(As you noticed, exact form of the facts of this writeup need to be checked later - but the facts presented here are as they are =)