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Not much of a dream, but dream it is...

Slashdot was r00ted. (Again.)

One of Taco's henchmen was just visiting here. He talked with me about this incident.

Taco had posted another news article that the cracker had got a physical access to the servers - apparently because the server room had door frames made of wood, thus soft enough to help the cracker to open the door with relative ease.

I said I was completely unable to do anything about that... I was in a completely different country when that happened, you know.

Taco's friend said the /. users have a secret "power level" of some sort, and obviously this cracker was among the highest-powered users [speak of "Cracker Karma" =) ] He had ssh'd to some /. database server, and gave a SQL query that displayed the top 12 powered users. For some reason, an user known as "XXXXXXX WWWWolf" was the 10th (the first part was a word that was all caps) - I tried to tell that that wasn't me because my username is a plain "WWWWolf".

Anyway, the guy wanted to stay at my home over the night. I took the foldable bed from the closet, but he just said something arrogant implying it was his divine right to sleep in a "real" bed - of course, I didn't had any other beds except for my own...