I dreamed that the place I worked in was a HUGE building with big, open windows. Obviously, the company I worked for was somewhat bigger than what I now work for. One evening, I had just come from somewhere else and left a suitcase and my other junk to the corner of the room. - Not the room I usually worked in in the dream - this was another department that had lots of small desks in neat rows. Very much like a school gym converted to classroom, even with a heavy curtain in the middle. Walls and floor were different though.

Anyway, I went to talk about some things to others who were around (it was late night when I got there, but some people were still around). Apparently there were some sort of disagreement, I talked with them and everyone calmed down.

When I came back to the room where I had left my junk, I noticed that my suitcase was missing. Then, I noticed that what remained of the suitcase had been thrown to paper bin under one of the desks. The aluminium metal parts had been twisted and crushed, and the leather parts were badly torn and ripped. However, most of the content was in the bin, too. Battletech boardgame, some of the stuff that was in the side pocket... everything thickly covered with graphite dust from pencil sharpeners...

...one of the other employees commented that the thief must have been a particularly sick individual...

I noticed that the most important thing in the suitcase, my fox toy, had been taken, though... I was worried.

(Actually I was so worried that in this part of the dream, I opened my eyes a bit and looked around - and as I saw the fox, I could again keep on dreaming...)

Another dream: I was in a particularly dusty lecture hall. A new course had just been started, but I had missed the beginning. It seemed that I had no problems getting started here, though, even if the course wasn't about anything I was too familiar with. (I can't remember what the course was about. Languages? I think this was about some cryptic, dead language that had gained popularity for some obscure reason. The lecture was about the romanized writing system.)

The front part of the lecture hall was fairly crowded, because the lights were dead in the front and everyone wanted to see something. I was sitting (as usual) in the front rows near the end of the row.

A guy whom I knew from lukio but hadn't seen for over an year said that I was sitting on his place... so I went to the less crowded part of the hall.

A friend of the lecturer came about and shared an anecdote regarding the topic of the lecture. After that, the whole room was very quiet for some time. I was thinking why that was so, but then I realized the comment had been rather enlightening.

I went home. I needed to buy the book I needed for the course, so I used my mother's computer to get to the web bookstore. All of the windows I had open last time opened. (I didn't know the ancient version of sawfish on the machine could do this sort of session management...)

I heard some noise, so I hid in the closet and looked out from a narrow gap. When I noticed that it was my sister, I waited for some time and leaped out with "BOO!"...

(Wait a second: The hall reminded me of one hall in Oulu, and the room where I used the computer was an actual room in Kuhmo - though that was before the renovation and the closet in question was too small to be in...)