There are four types of 'links' on E2:

Before creating any more writeups please make sure you've read up on these and the other terms in the E2 Glossary. These links are extremely important and give E2 its uniqueness among the plethora of publicly written and collaboratively filtered databases out there.

To apply your new linkage skills please step over to The Perfect Node and use it as a guide to creating your next writeup. You'll thank yourself.

Eventually you'll thank us. A little while after that you'll be pissed again because we deleted a writeup you thought was "real good". A week after that we'll make up when you get your first C!. A month later you'll "quit E2 to carve out a better life for you and yours". Three weeks after that you'll be level 6 and working out every day so you'll look good for your home node image.

So, anyway, if you link wisely on E2 you'll end up being in "real good" shape.