On this Election Day, a few things come to mind.

First, for those who would call our elections "illegitimate" and who claim that their vote won't be counted: please do us all a favor and find somewhere where elections really are a joke, learn about it, tell us about it, and learn a few things applicable to the US today in the process. The fact that your side lost a close race does not make an election illegitimate. Selective enforcement of election laws illegitimizes an election.

Second, please go out there and vote. But don't do so without thinking about it. Lots of people have lots of stuff to say, and it's awfully easy to throw a fit about what's happening right now. Coming up with a viable long-term solution to the problems that those happenings address seems a bit harder for those folks. Sitting on your hands is a legitimate choice, but is it viable? Neville Chamberlain thought so, and you probably know how that wound up.

Idealism has its place, but unfortunately, the voting box probably isn't it. Think about the interaction your choices will have to carry on with the real world before you punch that card.

And for Pete's sake, be sure you have the punch-card and the key lined up correctly.