Updated October 7, 2002


A paraphilia used to be categorized as a "Sexual Deviation". Some of the -philia's listed here might be of such nature, but most of them are merely more or less odd points of sexual arousal, or "Sexual arousal in response to unusual stimuli"

The word:

para-: a word prefix that means beside, near, beyond, aside, amiss, and sometimes implying alteration or modification (stolen from the "para-" w/u)
-philia: a word suffix meaning love, or erotic / sexual love of a person, thing, or activity. from Greek: philos, which means loving

Alphabetized and short explanations added. (if you have additions, please /msg me!)


Who knows where I was.

There was a girl who I think was leading a Japanese tour group. We were going down into something like an underground station. It was a long descent. There were two long wooden banisters going down to the bottom. There might have been stairs or an escalator, but we both decided to slide down via the banisters. She went on one, and I went on the other one. It went forever. It was literally minutes to the bottom.

The banisters were polished pale wood and had rises and dips as though someone had designed them as a sculpture. She had decided to slide down with one leg on either side of the banister, and as we went down and down over the rhythmic bumps in the banisters, she started to make high pitched "Uh..." sounds of pleasure once in a while. We were sliding at exactly the same pace, so when she did that I would reach out and put my hand on her shoulder. The gesture was halfway between consoling and flirty. I thought on the one hand it must be embarrassing, she could hardly get off the banister because we were going too fast. On the other hand, the way she was stuck next to me in this accidentally erotic ride was quite something special.

She wasn't beautiful really, she was short with olive skin and straight mousy blonde hair, wearing a singlet top. But there was something natural and genuine about her that was attractive. We got closer to the bottom, and the banisters started undulating more and more. She started to say "iku... iku" ("I'm coming" in Japanese) with more and more frequency and volume, until we both fell off the ends of the banisters and collapsed. At the bottom was a series of little Japanese style station restaurants, except there was no walkway in between them. We had to pick our way through sliding doors and over tatami mats, disturbing several salarymen with beers in their hands, feeling like lovers sprung in public.

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