Gundam... the name that shines out as one of the most famous anime franchises of all time. Since it's beginnings with Mobile Suit Gundam in the late seventies, the series has spawned several sequels and spin-offs, computer/console games, endless variations of toys and model kits, and loads of merchandise, making it's creator Bandai bundles of money every year.

So it seems logical that every effort is undertaken to keep this powerful franchise alive by adding new material (such as the latest series Mobile Suit Gundam: Seed) and expanding the fanbase to other continents (look at the he releases of all things Gundam in the states).

In fact, there are so many series and subseries, with so many different continuities that it can confuse beginners.

Oh yes, for those of you who who wonder what the name means: The word Gundam is derived from the fictional new metal element Gundamium, an alloy several times stronger than the strongest steel/titanium/what-have-you. This is the metal from which all Gundams are made, as the big humaniod fighting robots are known. So there...