Gundam Deathscythe

Unit Type: Mobile Suit
Height: 16.3 meters
Base Weight: 7.2 tons
Armor: Gundanium Alloy
Armament: Vulcan Gun x 2, Machinecannon x 2, Beam Scythe x 1, Buster Shield x 1, Hyper Jammer x 2
Fighting Ability: Level 140
Weapons Ability: Level 120
Speed Ability: Level 160
Power Ability: Level 120
Armored Ability: Level 120

Affiliation: Colony Rebels
Pilot: Duo Maxwell

A suit used in the Gundam series off-shoot, Gundam Wing. The suit was colored in black and yellow, copying the scheme of a typical bee. The scheme itself is used in the natural world as a warning sign, such as "stay away or you die." Which is what this mobile stands for, death. The most obvious proof of this is it's weapon, the large beam scythe it uses to shred it's targets to bits. Along with it's speed it is one of the more difficult Gundams to stop in hand to hand combat.

But the typical smart guy will think, "if it's just a hand to hand fighter, just blow it away from far range." Yes you could do that if you could find it first. This Gundam is the only one equipped with two devices called hyper jammers. They're basically stealth devices which allow it to remain invisible under any type of radar device.
So it is almost like death in the sense you can't see him coming until it's too late...(insert satanic laugh here)

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