I have two Japanese products which list this as the title of the series, although I have seen it listed as MS08 Team elsewhere. The series consists of 11 OVA episodes and a movie. The major benefit of this series over Gundam Wing is that the main cast doesn't consist of a bunch of suicidal disfunctional children intent on causing mayhem. I think the anti-war sentiment in this series is much stronger than in Gundam Wing.

This is yet another Mobile Suit Gundam series which takes place in the main Gundam universe, with Zeon versus Earth Federation forces. The main cluster of characters for this consists of three mobile suit pilots, the two person senor tank crew, a few Federation supporting characters. Of course there is also the Zeon force which includes the hero's romantic interest.

Anyway, one of the things this series taught me was to never, ever assume that the shows at an anime convention will be released any time soon. I saw the first three quarters of the series at AnimeIowa '99, and foolishly assumed that it would be okay to leave early since it would probably be coming out soon anyway. At the time I was lucky to find Chinese-subtitled VCDs, but I was poor college student otaku, so I didn't know any better.

The second thing I discovered from this series is the reason that the Minovsky Particle was invented for the series. Just how scary is an 80 ton mech, or how useful for that matter, if its easy to throw missles at them from fighters? So conveniently the new fusion power process happens to generate a novel form of electromagnetic interference.

Anyway, the sensor tanks are useful because an 80 ton mech moving around, or even just running idle, would presumably generate a large amount of vibrations and noise. So the result is a mobile listening post for use as a medium range ground sonar. The similarities to a submarine sonar operator appear to be deliberate.

As always, Gundam Project has a more in depth coverage.

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