Nomad is a vigilante-type superhero in the Marvel universe, sort of like the Punisher, but not as mellodramatic. Nomad was Captain America's partner for awhile, but he realized that he wasn't very good as a "by-the-book" superhero.

So Nomad went on his own, growing his hair long and ditching his pansy-ass blue and gold superhero outfit for black clothes and a trenchcoat.

Nomad uses two metal stun discs to throw at opponents, but he will also use various firearms, and has no qualms about killing a bad guy.

Nomad--real name Jack Monroe--travels with a baby that he calls "Bucky". Nomad "kidnapped" Bucky from a drug-addicted underage prostitue, and had to do many a hit or other job while carrying a baby on his back. Nomad cares for the child as his own, and being a single superhero with a baby has attracted many women to Nomad (I guess it's that macho-but-commited type that gets women all the time).

Unfortunately, Marvel cancelled the Nomad comic in 1994 after 25 issues. Since it didn't sell 500,000 copies a month like X-Men, Marvel pulled the plug. Still a decent series, but it ended poorly.