MAN sits at an empty desk. As he speaks, MARY unpacks things from a box and places them on the desk (a telephone, a laptop, a photograph, stationery) ignoring what he is saying.

Man: Ah Mary, there's nothing like the promise of a brand new office... A man's haven from the incessant pesterings of home life... A place to think... To dream! Think how many grand ideas were born in offices just like this. How many plots were hatched? How many defining moments in history came about because a man such as I in an office such as this sat down at his desk and had an idea - nay, a vision - to change the world? A new beginning... A clean slate!

She puts an unopened parcel on the desk.

Man: (curtly) Where did that come from?

Mary: It was in the box.

Man: Well, what is it?

Mary: My money's on a small nuclear device from the future.

They freeze, staring at the package, as the lights intensify momentarily.