I've taken Webster 1913 maintenance as my private project. My goal is to fix everything (or as much as possible), not just the egregious problems. I'm going though the alphabet and taking care of things one bug at a time. And then I'm moving on to the next bug and going through the alphabet again, with BBEdit as my trusty guide, sniffing out the nastiness.

I don't promise to be quick (at all!), but I will be comprehensive. This is a gigantic project, but not too much for one person, given enough time. Just a little chunk of work every once and a while can add up; I'll be doing this completely at my leisure.

Why do this?

  1. It should be done. Misinformation pollutes the database, and bad tagging makes E2 look ugly. And I'm picky enough to make it more accurate than the Gutenberg copy. I already fixed one of MICRA's (or Webster's) mistakes.
  2. When I'm not feeling at all creative, I'd still like to be productive. Not only is this monotonous bug-correcting stuff not hard to churn out, I'm already learning a hell of a lot of words. No one else wants to do it. And this type of thing doesn't necessarily bore me.

Along the same lines, I blessed /dev/joe 50 XP for doing some of the early legwork in getting Webster corrected. (Webster 1913 hw-to-b bug and Words missing from Webster 1913, for example)

Feel free to send /msg's of encouragement, or to tell me that I'm nuts. If you have some corrections for me, please post them at Definitions That Need Work, instead of /msg-ing me. Thanks!