Grades For Groceries?

In Pittsburgh, a high school student, along with two teachers, was recently charged with trading grades for groceries. One of the teachers was his business teacher, the other a math instructor. Apparently the student masterminded the scheme. Presumably, the business teacher was chosen by the student to help create the business model. The math teacher would certainly be well suited to keeping the books. I believe that, after reading this story, several points need to be stressed.

(1) This incident underscores the motivation of today’s youth, and indicates that they do indeed have the drive to succeed in today’s world.

(2) This student obviously has a firm grasp of the current business environment and the creative tools needed to implement ideas. This student perceived a demand (staples), and a means to meet the demand (as a grocery store checker, he had access to the supply).

(3) The business teacher was the obvious negligent party, in not instructing the student properly. His curriculum apparently did not fully cover the methods for insuring that the business agreements not become public knowledge. He obviously didn’t do his homework. The industrious student will do well to learn from this oversight, and certainly has a bright future in business, or more likely, politics.


I am inspired by the efforts of this young entrepreneur. I would never think of noding for numbers, or nodevertising, but would like to suggest the following:

(1) Three cans of the soup or other canned goods of your choice for every carefully considered + vote if you get my drift. A case of Rice-A-Roni for every C!.

(2) I have 8 cases of overripe tomatoes, some questionable rutabagas, and 14 dozen eggs that I have been unable to dispose of. In the event of – votes, I have some real creative ideas…

Don’t E-mail any particulars, just /msg me and I’ll meet you out behind the Catbox at midnight.