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"And then, I thought about us... these children who fell down life's cartoon holes... dreamless children, alive but not living--we emerged on the other side of the cartoon holes fully awake and discovered we were whole."
- Douglas Coupland

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I found this journal entry intriguing. Since this guy is gone forever (he'll be back in a few hours under a different nickname) he won't mind my borrowing his words. Read all of this stuff and pay attention to it, because a lot of it is the harsh reality of our culture. Given, some of it is just crap, but a lot of it is very epiphinous.
Friday, August 10th, 2001
4:00 am shaveme wrote
I've had it.
I'm strictly abandoning my Live Journal account. Deleting the cookies on my hard drive, the website from memory, and the Journal update software.

I don't use it, nobody even bothers to listen to or read what I say, and if they do they are complete and utter STRANGERS to me. But at least they reply to my stuff, when I post something.

At least one person on my friends list is no longer my friend and he even posts insulting stuff towards me now. I created this account thinking it would help me go to hell in most aspects of life but it's certainly not working anymore.

On top of that, since most of you are furs, I am beginning to DESPISE all of you. You've all made my life suck in one way or another. From strangers telling me they listen and they don't even know who the hell I am, to OzzyFox cursing me off for no goddamn reason, to CozyPaws' repeated attempts to drive me insane, to Dave CONSTANTLY complaining about his own sore life, over and over again...ever heard of elaboration, Dave? All I see is "I'm sad." "Oh, Mel's gone." "Poor Dave." "My Mel is Gone." Jesus...I'm beginning to think you lied about being the author of LiG and the other cartoons. No way could a depressed egotistical loser like you be able to write something funny.

Every fur who thinks he's my friend, isn't. I'm letting this all out right now, because I officially resign from the furry fandom. I am no longer Skippy, I am no longer a fur, I have nothing to do with furs from now on and I HATE furs.

Kai, I'm sick of your constant loss of control and leaving because someone said the tiniest little thing. Oh, and what the hell kind of idiot would make some rash decision to move from a cozy urban home into a hot trailer with three homosexuals and no high speed connection? You are a hopeless romantic. You don't know reality until it fucks you in the ass a couple times.

LilVixen, your obsession with religion absolutely disgusts me. I find myself staring at my screen in disbelief every time you start talking about God or burdens for being gay and commiting sins and all that bullshit. If there is a God why the fuck would he pull all that shit on you?

And the same with Aseban. Eithor of you ever watch One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? Weren't both of you in that movie? Yeah, you both had parts as mental patients--I've never seen two people argue about something they agree on. And aseban, stop being so strongly pessimistic about every single thing you come in contact with; that's just freaky.

Adrian, stop smoking, stop getting high, stop taking drugs. It's the saddest thing I ever saw...and you talk about it like it's the most natural thing in the world! I hope you don't ever have kids. You're a bad father. I don't know what I was thinking when I asked you to "be my daddy." But I bet if I had known what a slob you are in real life and how it effectsEaster Eggyour personality on line at the time, I'd never have wanted to be involved in any way with you, ever.

CozyPaws, $50 to 1-800-US-SEARCH. That's all it takes. You called my house and tried to get me in trouble. You turned nearly everyone in TWO communities against me. You lied about yourself to gain sympathy from others. There's no such thing as "clinically insane." You're a con-artist and one sick son of a bitch. I'll get you back for everything you've done to me.

OzzyFox, NOBODY fucking cares about building a goddamn wall, or the "praline" or Ozzy Osbourne. Any fan of that sicko is twisted and fucked in the head. YOU're the one most likely to start shooting innocent people at school. Pull a Columbine. Whatever the hell you want to call it. Then the media's gonna go and blame Doom again and everyone's gonna be looking at you, individually, just the way I am this very moment, like you're a sad, depressed fool who didn't know right from wrong, who couldn't even utter comprehendible sentences, and whose poetry sucked big time, too. Every single poem you pasted to me wasted my bandwidth. I never read them, I just smiled and nodded. I tried to read them once and you just make sentences with random words trying to look all metaphorical, wise and understanding. Yeah right. If I ever meet Ozzy Osbourne in person, I'll piss down his fucking throat and pray that he doesn't bite the head off my dick.

BabyBear, I don't know who you think you are, but wrongly accusing people of things because of wild year-old rumors in a mad rage, isn't exactly the sanest thing to do. The only way to clear up that sad little mind of yours is with corosive acid.

JaSonic, I don't mind that your voice may sound a little funny, but shoving pens up peoples' penises is just WRONG. And no, I'm NOT a plushophile, stop asking me! When you pull your cock out of Sonic's loophole you better burn that thing and throw it in the middle of a busy highway.

Kitambi, I have yet to see a bad thing out of you, but I'd bet a good wad of cash that you think about Simba in more ways than what you tell people.

VitaPup, I had a good mind to hit the reset button and then delete all my files from IRC, in fact, reformat my hard drive a couple times--then hit my head with a rock, in order to make sure I had absolutely no way to remember you pushing a fat smelly dog turd into your paw and rubbing it all over me. Goddamn...I nearly threw up! Infantilism is one thing, but that was just sick.

Let's not forget Katarhyne, or whatever the hell your nick is. It's too bad you probably won't be reading this because then wouldn't you realize that bestiality is against the law? Fucking puppies...goddamn...If I knew you irl I'd report you to the FBI in an instant.

Chipper, deep down inside, I was HAPPY you never spoke to me. You ignorant bastard, you never even listened to my side of the story. You never even apologized for accusing me of all that shit that CozyPaws made up. I'm glad most of you furs like Chipper here are too uneducated to afford a good job, or else Chipper's dream of a RL fur community might come true. Dear lord, what a crock of shit.

LilDobe, what the fuck. You told me I was immature and to leave. Do you even remember why you said that? Because you kept saying that afterward, too. Or do you just say it to look cool? You're one of those jocks who goes out of his way to insult people, is that it? If you went to school with Ozzy, you'd be his first shotgun victim. Oh, and what's this? First you bring a bot into the chan without asking anybody and you leave for a week. When you come back we get rid of the bot and then we agree on FurServ. Almost immediately you change your mind and get rid of FurServ without consenting with anybody. And after what seemed like everyone was okay without a bot in the channel, I find FurServ in there permanently! What is your problem? I can see that you really listen to the things others have to say, yeah, sure. You ignore every word. Yet you think I'm immature.

Saickles, if you know someone in the movie business, and you seem to rely on him so much for information, why the hell don't you ever tell anyone anything about him? I ask you and you suddenly quit AIM. Go ahead and make a skippy plush, but nobody will want it. In fact, why don't you just go into movies anyway? Or did you just lie about that whole thing? I'm waiting to see one snigle shred of evidence.

Binkibear, I don't know WHO the fuck you are. Don't go all giddy on me and say crap like I know you. Hell you never fucking introduced yourself to me, moron, and you never even saw me say more than one or two words on IRC. Leave me the hell alone!

Kahn: Get a fucking job. Stop working at McDonald's and do something with your life. Minimum wage isn't even enough to pay for the pampers you constantly shit yourself in. I may have the same fetish but at least I don't pleasure myself 24/7, I'm not a freaking pervert.

Lord_Nova: You are one of the most offensive people I've ever met. You may not realize you're hurting people at first but even when you do you don't apologize, in fact you make things worse for yourself. Twisted. Stupid.

CS: I'm damn glad you are gone for three quarters of the year to Military School. That sex life of yours is terrible. But at least you're straight, unlike two thirds of the rest of the population of furs.

These are the last words a fur shall ever see me type on the net: Adios, fags.