The arch-nemesis of the Admin. Locked in eternal battle, the User fights the Admin by asking questions covered in the manual, on the Web, or otherwise readily available. The more inane the question, the better it serves in the fight. In addition, the User finds ever newer, more complex ways of breaking or thinking they broke the software.

Examples include, but are in no way limited to the following:
  • "Where can I find xxxx?"
  • "What is the {SMTP,POP,IMAP} server's address?"
  • "I just erased my mailbox, and every folder I have created since 1973. Can you undelete those?"
  • "Pine just gave me the error xxxx. What does it mean?"
  • "Um, yeah. I think the Internet is down. I just got a 'Can't contact server' error.'"
  • "Can I have more disk space for my por.. uh, data, please?"
  • "I just got this error message from ${rival_ISP}. Can you tell me what it means?"

As a first line of defense, the Admins created Tech Support. But many Users have found two ways of getting past this. They write root instead of Tech Support or call the admin. Second, they concentrate on breaking more software. (Microsoft is a big aid to the user, and their software has therefore been widely propagated) Because of this, the Admins created The Clue Stick, a spiritual 4x4 for User Education (AKA LART).

Although it may seem comical, make no mistake. This is an epic battle, on the lines of good versus evil. The Admin fights for disk space, memory, and, of course, enough CPU to quickly crack DES. The user, on the other hand, battles for the Admin's sanity.

For more information, see BOFH, and many Usenet newsgroups.