I am datagirl's new stalker. Well, not really. I just read some recent daylogs. It's not like I sent her a bunch of creepy messages or something. Oh no; because that would be creepy. My girlfriend will have fun teasing me about this.

I annoyed karmaflux at some point in the last week. I don't remember exactly when. But I got some nice messages like "PREPARE TO DIE." To which I said something like "Mwhahahah! Bring it on!" The reply: "Keep talking like that and I'll play this Haircut 100 CD." Hmmm. I don't even know what Haircut 100 is, but I am reminded that I need a haircut.

I am not an engineer. I am not a climber. Today, I am just in motion. Yes, I've been over the problems lately. So I just got on some crimpers the other day, and did this move. Then I said to my friend, who is a much stronger climber than I, "here, do this route." So he flashed it, all the way up (it's a bouldering wall, so all the way up is about three moves). Then I got to try it again, and I over think the first move and I can't do it again. Damn. So tonight I am not a climber, I'm just in motion. (I will do the yellow traverse again, I will do the yellow traverse, I will do the yellow traverse...)

Every single printer on the ENEL network ran out of paper today. Of course, this was the day that our last ethics report was due. The paper fairy must have gone to the Den to get drunk with her friends, toner boy and removable media man. Next time I see the paper fairy, I gonna kick her ass!

To make matters worse, we all ran out of paper credit on our accounts. The system administrators, in addition to barely being able to setup and maintain a network, only see students between 12:00 and 12:30 on Monday, or some such hours. So nobody is getting paper put on their accounts today. Of course, that doesn't matter much if the paper fairy can't be bothered to put paper in the printers in the FIRST PLACE!