A nifty little volume with the subtitle "Hundreds of things you never knew you had to worry about!" Includes such fine tidbits as:
  • Nearly a third of bottled drinking water purchased in the U.S. is contaminated with bacteria.
  • One in 6 people at some point has agreed to sex because they are too embarassed to say no.
  • You are four times more likely to get food poisoning from restaurant food than home made.
  • 11 unintentional fatal injuries occur each hour.
  • If you going to be murdered, it's more likely to happen on January 1st than any other day.
What do you mean leave my house? Oh wait, the bathroom's dangerous here, too. And 130 Americans die from falling out of bed each year. Then there's driving and all those things at work and the bacteria on that dollar bill I got from the ATM and that hair in the bathroom sink and...

Maybe I'll just hang around in this doorway for a while.

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