Fencing, as Webster 1913 points out, is also the act of building a fence. Building a fence is an art form. You have to space the posts just right, put the stables in at the right angle so that they don't pop out too easily. When building a fence, the gates and corner posts are the hardest part.

Fencing requires some special tools. In particular, a hydralic post pounder that can be pulled behind a tractor or a truck is handy. It saves you from having to put posts in by hand, using either a post maul (a sledge hammer with a broader head), or a donkey hammer. A donkey hammer is just a piece of pipe, two or three feet long, about 6 to 10 inches in diameter, with handles. To use a donkey hammer, you simply slide it over a post, and move it up and down to pound the post into the ground. You'll also need fencing plyers for manipulating the wire (usually barbed), and a good hammer for putting in staples. Sturdy leather gloves are required, as are steel-toed boots, but you can leave your hard hat at home.

Fencing is a good job for a high school boy in a small town. It's fun and a good way to get some excercise.

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