Fleche is a fencing term for a specific type of attack that involves crossing your feet.

Typically, when fencers square off they do so with their feet firmly planted apart - all movement is executed while attempting to maintain the distance between feet as much as possible, leaving you with a strong center of balance. A Fleche throws such caution to the wind and turns your attack into a run, more or less.

Typically used to attack from farther away than you would normally be able to, a properly timed Fleche is also an excellent intimidation tactic - the mental being as important (if not more so) as the physical when fencing.

Crossing your feet is strictly illegal when fencing Sabre, so the Fleche is also a no no.

Fleche (?), n. [F. fleche, prop., an arrow.] Fort.

A simple fieldwork, consisting of two faces forming a salient angle pointing outward and open at the gorge.


© Webster 1913.

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