The C-Train is the Light Rail Transit (LRT) system used in the city of Calgary to move thousands of people to and from work every day. Also serves as a transportation device for drunk people and all the other people going everywhere else.

One of Calgarians favorite pastimes, after complaining about the weather, is to complain about how slow and crowded the train is, especially as you watch the third jam-packed Brentwood train in a row go by from you vantage point on the last downtown platform.

The best thing about the C-Train, aside from the fact that it allows me to get to and from work to everyday, is the occasional operator, who will come on the PA in place of the cheesy recorded voice at each stop. One of them is quite funny, and it's comforting to here a real live human telling you what the next stop is first thing in the morning.

The bad thing about the C-Train is that when it get's cold and icy, as it is prone to do here, people tend to slide cars into the C-Trains. Or people get thier cars stuck on the tracks, and the C-Train runs into them. Somebody walked in front of one just recently and succeeded in removing himself from the gene pool.