Cara Luft is a singer/songwriter from Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. I saw her in concert at Lilith Fair in Calgary in 1998, where she played on the Village stage from 3:30 to 3:50 PM. She has an excellent homespun folk sound that I can't help but love, simple, but effective, elegant. Her sound is guitar and bass, bongo drums, and an excellent voice.

The one album that I know of is "Tragedy of the Commmons", which was published in 1997. It contains six songs:

  • 1. Full Circle Round (4:22)
  • 2. One Lover (5:17)
  • 3. Train to Freedom (4:29)
  • 4. Coming to Town (5:08)
  • 5. I saw the Devil (4:15)
  • 6. Standing in the Shadows (4:10)

So a short CD, but excellent. I can't help but think of "Train to freedom" when ever I get on the C-Train in the morning. Wonderful; music.

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