Well, I'm probably jumping the gun a bit here. But I have found an apartment in Philly--a studio. 11'x14' plus a 5'x7' alcove and a seperate kitchen (not an eat-in, though, unfortunately).

It's not in the greatest neighborhood (or really, it's on the edge of a good neighborhood and a bad one), but I'm across the street from the North Star Bar, which is a nice, small concert venue--lotsa smaller artists. (It's also where I saw Wesley Willis--oh glorious night of nights!) Also, I know the neighborhoods pretty well (I grew up in one of them), so it's not exactly unfamiliar territory. And I'm around the corner from a very good friend, which is even better.

I'm going to see the inside on Monday with my stepfather, who is sort of my backup against getting ripped off (wiley Brooklynite). I just hope my credit rating is good. I'm not worried about the references, just the credit rating. I have no idea what it looks like.

Dear god, let me get this place. I want to be closer to work. Closer to friends. Closer to Tim. Closer to my theater troop. I can't move back in with my parents!

And in other good news, looks like Tim and I are definitely off to the Field Day concert! Yay! Radiohead! Beck! Elliott Smith! Beastie Boys! Liz Phair! Blur! Sigur Ros! The Roots! Omigod!

I just spoke to the rental agency--the apartment is on the third floor (good--top floor), and I'm going to view it on Monday. Yay!