How did John Paul I die?

b. October 17, 1912
d. September 28, 1978

Albino Cardinal Luciani was a genial, self-deprecating man who spent most of his life working with the poor. Upon being elected pope in 1978, he served only one month before dying suddenly--according to the Vatican, of a heart attack.

Some do not simply accept this explanation. He is said to have been found by his housekeeper, propped up in bed, documents on his lap, and a bottle of his blood-pressure medication open, the pills scattered. When she called Cardinal Villot, his first response was to call the papal morticians even before verifying the death himself or calling the Vatican physician to examine the body. Villot arrived in the Pope's room at 5:00 a.m. and gathered the crucial papers, the Effortil bottle, and several personal items which were soiled with vomit. None of these articles were ever seen again.

Word is, John Paul I got wind of the P2-Vatican Banking Scandal, and was going to order an investigation. As this would upset many people in the Vatican, P2, CIA, Mafia, Knights of Malta, etc. (btw--the banking scandal did happen: this is one of those relatively rare true conspiracies to be proved), John Paul I was assassinated. Others say it was the conservative members of the Conclave were upset that he was going to rethink the Church's laws on birth control. That may seem like a small thing to kill a man over, but tell that to Operation Rescue.

Me? I think the P2 theory may have some merit. But don't hold me to it.