A pro-life group, founded by Randall Terry, originally inspired by the civil disobedience of the 60s civil rights movement. In the late 80s, they gained media attention for causing disruptions around abortion clinics. After failures and a backlash, they added harassment to their repertoire, and may have inspired some towards violence, like terrorist attacks and the murders of abortionists. Now led by Flip Benham, friend of Jane Roe, they've diversified into anti-gay activities.

A bigger bunch of fascist pigs you never will find. They're pro-life, except for abortion doctors and abortion supporters--"Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition" for those guys. They're also anti-gay, anti-First Amendment, anti-Disney (and for all the wrong reasons), anti-sex, anti-nudity (If God wanted us to be naked, we would've been born that way), and, for the most part, anti-everything that isn't right-wing Republican fundamentalist fringe Christian.

They've become increasingly marginalized as the years go by and more Christians have realized that their intentions were decidedly un-Christian. Nowadays, they're a small group of fanatics clustered around the defining manias of head bigot Randall Terry. Most people won't even realize they're a cult until Terry orders his followers to kill themselves or his enemies...

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