Con"clave [F., fr. L. conclave a room that may locked up; con- + clavis key. See Clavicle.]


The set of apartments within which the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church are continuously secluded while engaged in choosing a pope.


The body of cardinals shut up in the conclave for the election of a pope; hence, the body of cardinals.

It was said a cardinal, by reason of his apparent likelihood to step into St. Peter's chair, that in two conclaves he went in pope and came out again cardinal. South.


A private meeting; a close or secret assembly.

The verdicts pronounced by this conclave (Johnson's Club) on new books, were speedily known over all London. Macaulay.

To be in conclave, to be engaged in a secret meeting; -- said of several, or a considerable number of, persons.


© Webster 1913.

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