A footwear company who (adapt wacky, smug voice) bring a whole new meaning to the term "branding" - making shoes and sandals that brand the pavement, sand or grass as you walk, with the words:

Jesus Loves You

The idea is the brainchild of Dr. Kathleen Farrell, who according to the company website, was kidnapped as a student, and was saved (though the exact mechanics of this salvation are not made clear) by reciting the 23rd Psalm over and over again.

"After my horrible experience, I thought about ways to spread the Good News," she says.

She subsequently developed the Shout-your-love-for-Jesus shoes, which act like rubber stamps and have the dual purpose for believers of

"protecting their feet and proclaiming their faith."

Passing up a glaring opportunity for a pun, it is announced that,

"While the words disappear as the sands shift and the sidewalks dries, these footprints leave the greatest impression on the soul."

For more information, or to order (which I fully intend to do), check out:


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